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See US Netflix content in the UK

No Comments 29 January 2012

UPDATE – February 2013

The original article featured below describes a free Netflix workaround that no longer works. As far as we can tell there are no longer any free ways to get around Netflix region locking. There is, however, an option that’s cheap as chips and gives you the opportunity not only to access UK and US Netflix content but also switch between Netflix offerings for Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland in a matter of seconds.

Sound good? Head over to, sign up for a free seven-day trial and follow their simple instructions for setting Netflix region switching on the device of your choice, whether it be your desktop PC, laptop, iPhone,  iPad, Android tablet – or your games console including the Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii and WiiU.

Once your free trial is over, it’ll cost you $4.99 (around £3) per month to continue using the service. And considering the mountain of classic TV shows and films on the US and Canadian versions of Netflix that aren’t currently available on the UK store, it’s a small price to pay.



It’s been a long time coming but digital steaming service Netflix finally launched in the UK earlier this month. This is both a good thing and a bad thing and here’s why: although Netflix offers a veritable goldmine of content for US-based TV lovers a large amount of the good stuff isn’t available to UK subscribers.

Or at least that’s the intention. Thankfully there are some pleasingly simple workarounds out there that’ll have you accessing the US content in no time. Snappily named YouTube user dan24591 has uploaded a nice and simple guide to accessing the US content via a UK-based PlayStation 3 here, for example:

To confuse matters slightly there’s some worthwhile stuff on the UK service that isn’t available in the US — so to get the most out of Netflix you’re ideally going to want to be able to access both. So long as you’ve got a couple of Netflix-capable devices to hand, though, this is surprisingly easy to set up. Honestly. The New TV Shows office has access to both (UK content via Xbox 360, US stuff via PS3) and believe us when we say if we can manage it, you most certainly can too. We once answered the question “Which browser do you use?” with “Microsoft Google” is all I’m saying.

Netflix is currently offering a one-month free trial to all potential UK customers and you really should take advantage. We’ll be trawling both the UK and US content this week to bring you a selection of must-see Netflix-based TV, so you just stay right there on the edge of your seat while we’re gone.

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Awake on NBC

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Three shows we’re dying to see

1 Comment 28 January 2012

Over the optimist, New TV Shows can often be found pawing through the upcoming television schedules with an excited eye panning from side to side looking for the next truly great programme. Sure, sometimes we get burned but on the whole we know how to pick ‘em.

Having scanned through a list of the new shows lined up for 2012, we’ve identified a number of forthcoming programmes that we’re confident are going to be the bomb, as all the kids are saying nowadays. Read on for our three favourite contenders for new TV show of 2012:


The pitch

A detective is faced with two separate realities when regaining conciousness following a car accident involving his wife and son. In each reality only one of his loved ones survived the crash and he he switches between the two every time he wakes from slumber. Is he cracking up from the stress of losing somebody so close to him? Or is he just experiencing particularly vivid dreams? Only time — and some serious soul searching — will tell.

Why you should be excited

Show creator Kyle Killen is a huge talent and due a break following some rotten luck with previous projects. He was responsible for 2010′s best pilot, Lone Star, which also dealt with living a double life albeit in a very different way. Unfortunately Fox cancelled it two episodes in despite incredible promise because of disappointing viewing figures. The word from those who have seen an early version of the Awake pilot is overwhelmingly positive and the show has a strong front man in the shape of Jason Isaacs. The premise is strong and we’re more than confident that Killen will deliver; the trailer (above) has us PUMPED. The only worry is that NBC may get cold feet over a show that will likely only fully reward those who watch closely week-in-week-out. Fingers crossed they give the show — and Killen — the chance they deserve.

When it’s due to air



The pitch

A peek behind the scenes at a busy TV newsroom. Veteran news anchor Will McCallister is roundly trashed and labelled ‘un-American’ after telling the truth in a widely publicised interview. Soon after, the protégé he’s been rooting for is offered a plum timeslot of his own and the majority of McCallister’s disallusioned staff follow him out of the door. Can McCallister regain the trust of the nation with the help of a team of hastily arranged replacements?

Why you should be excited

Aaron Sorkin, creator of best-TV-show-ever-ever contender The West Wing, is behind The Newsroom, so expect plenty of weighty issues interspersed with his trademark snappy dialogue and light slapstick. This is the third ‘behind the scenes of a TV show’ project Sorkin has created, following the underrated Sports Night and unfairly lambasted Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, so he’s liklely to hit the ground running. We’ve read an early version of the pilot episode script and it’s classic Sorkin fare — more than enough to get us unreasonably excited. While HBO has undoubtedly killed off some shows before their time — hello Deadwood! Hi there Carnivale! — you’d hope it’ll give Sorkin time to find his stride with this one. Jeff Daniels is signed on to play Will McCallister and we’re confident he can deliver the Sorkinese.

When it’s due to air

Summer 2012


The pitch

The team behind BBC political satire The Thick of It takes on US politics. The series follows a senator who is unexpectedly catapulted into the office of Vice President only to find that the job is nothing like she expected.

Why you should be excited

Have you seen The Thick of It? If so, you’ll know exactly why. Any project that creator Armando Iannucci is attached to is automatically worth having on your radar given his sparkling previous form. The UK comedy landscape has been immesurably enriched by his presence for more than 20 years now — The Day Today, several Alan Partridge projects, the ludicrously underrated Channel 4 comedy The Armando Iannucci Shows — and there’s no reason to believe that he won’t have the same success in the US. The new show also boasts a couple of bona fide sitcom greats among its cast: Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld fame plays main character Selina Meyer, while Arrested Development‘s Tony Hale also stars.

When it’s due to air


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