Pawnee plays host to West Wing fan convention

4 Comments 14 February 2012

As if the return of Louis CK as lovable cop Dave in this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation isn’t enough to get excited about, news of another forthcoming guest star has us staring impatiently at the all-too-static calendar like a spoilt kid in the run up to Christmas.

The West Wing might just be New TV Shows‘ favourite programme of all time (the Sorkin years, at least) so the prospect of Bradley Whitford turning up in Pawnee in an episode that features several nods to NBC’s political drama has us giddy with excitement. Whitford, who delighted as Josh Lyman in The West Wing, will show up as the outgoing city councilman that Leslie Knope is hoping to succeed.

The episode title, Live Ammo, is a West Wing reference in itself, playing on a line uttered to Ainsley Hayes by one Sam Seaborn — who was played by Parks and Rec‘s Rob Lowe. How very meta. The only downer is the fact that Whitford and Lowe reportedly don’t share a scene in the episode. While we understand that if done badly it could have been a duff note, the Parks writing staff have proved over the past few years that they know what they’re doing. We’re pretty sure they could have pulled it off.

Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to the day when Parks and Rec meets The West Wing and our head explodes. What a way to go.

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4 Comments so far

  1. Plate lover says:

    It took me about 3 episodes to realise Dave was actually Louis CK. Whoops!

    • newtvshows says:

      Ha! Thought he worked really well as Dave so it’s great to have him back, if only for one episode (I presume).

  2. Plate lover says:

    After watching said episode I would speculate that isn’t the last we’ve seen of him!

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