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Netflix to the rescue for UK Breaking Bad fans

No Comments 06 August 2013

If you’re anything like us here at New TV Shows you’ve got a seat edge-shaped ridge in your backside 11 months in the making.

Yes, we’ve been waiting since September 2012 to find out what fate lies ahead for Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and the rest. AMC’s magnificent drama Breaking Bad returns for its final eight episodes next week. In the US, at least. Who knows when it will hit traditional TV this side of the Atlantic, if ever.

But don’t fear, UK-based fans: Netflix has your back. Each of the episodes in this final run will be available on Netflix the day after airing in the USA. So cancel your plans for this coming Monday evening because you’ve got a date with Hank Schrader: Meth Detective and a big bag of popcorn.

Boardwalk Empire


TV on DVD: 05/08/13

No Comments 05 August 2013

Boardwalk Empire: Season 3
Season 3 of HBO’s prohibition-era gangster drama hits DVD and region free Blu-ray this week. Also available is a season 1-3 box set (again on both DVD and region free Blu-ray), allowing newcomers to the show to get caught up on all 36 episodes ahead of the fourth season’s premiere this September.

Buy Boardwalk Empire – Season 3 [DVD] from

Buy Boardwalk Empire – Season 3 [Blu-ray] [Region Free] from
Buy Boardwalk Empire – Season 1-3 [DVD] from
Buy Boardwalk Empire – Season 1-3 [Blu-ray] [Region Free] from

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome
This prequel series to the 2004 reboot of Battlestar Galactica started out as a 10-part web series but ultimately aired on Syfy as a TV movie.
Buy Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome [Blu-ray + UV] [Region Free] from


American Dad!: Season 8
This set collects all 18 episodes American Dad’s eighth season. If for some inexplicable reason you want to subject yourself to even more, a box set containing Seasons 1-8 is also released this week.
Buy American Dad! Season 8 [DVD] from
Buy American Dad! – Volume 1-8 [DVD] from


Doctor Who: The Green Death (Special Edition)
Celebrate the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the new doctor by picking up this spruced up release of the 1973 six-episode arc from Jon Pertwee’s tenure.
Buy Doctor Who: The Green Death – Special Edition [DVD] from


Hebrides – Islands on the Edge
Ewan McGregor narrates this BBC documentary series charting the wildlife found off the coast of Scotland. DVD and Blu-ray versions both out this week.
Buy Hebrides – Islands on the Edge [DVD] from
Buy Hebrides – Islands on the Edge [Blu-ray] from


Short-lived police procedural created by Law & Order writer René Balcer and starring Jean Reno. The planned second season has been scrapped, so these eight episodes are your lot.
Buy Jo [DVD] at


Brush Strokes: Series 5 and 6
The final 14 episodes (originally credited as series 4 and 5) of the ’80s BBC sitcom following the adventures of painter and decorator Jacko and co.
Buy Brush Strokes – BBC Series Five and Six [DVD] at


The Last Explorers
Four-part BBC documentary series covering “the golden age of exploration” fronted by Coast presented Neil Oliver.
Buy The Last Explorers [DVD] at


Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?
ITV’s 1980 adaptation of the Agatha Christie murder mystery novel gets the DVD treatment.
Buy Agatha Christie’s Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? [DVD] from


Crown Court: Volume 7
Twelve stories from ITV’s groundbreaking ’70s/’80s legal drama in which members of the general public formed the jury for each fictional case.
Buy Crown Court – Volume 7 [DVD] from


The Complete Paul Temple Collection
A pre-cursor to ABC’s Castle, this BBC crime drama sees crime novelist Paul Temple turn amateur detective. All surviving episodes are collected for the first time on this DVD set.
Buy Paul Temple: The Complete Collection [DVD] at


Royal Pains: Season 3
USA’s fish out of water medical drama is currently in its fifth season and has already been renewed for a sixth. Play catch-up with Season 3 on DVD.
Buy Royal Pains – Season 3 [DVD] at


The Master Game: Series 6 and 7
Notoriously addictive spectator sport chess was the centre of attention in this popular ’70s/’80s BBC show that featured the game’s greatest players offering insight into their thought processes.
Buy The Master Game: Series 6 [DVD] at
Buy The Master Game: Series 7 [DVD] at


Whale Wars: Seasons 1-3
The first three seasons of the Animal Planet documentary that follows a group of eco-activists as they attempt to put a stop to whaling activity.
Buy Whale Wars: Season 1-3 [DVD] at


SpongeBob Squarepants: SpongeBob on Tour
Cross-season compilation disc featuring seven SpongeBob episodes thrown together around a loose theme.
Buy Spongebob Squarepants – Spongebob on Tour [DVD] at


Outsourced: Season 1
Offensively bad NBC shitcom. Pick up the DVD set and suffer through 22 episodes of garbage so poor not even Diedrich Baber could save it.
DON’T buy Outsourced – Season 1 [DVD] from


Great British Railway Journeys: Series 1-3
The perfect gift for chronic insomniacs everywhere: more than 30 hours’ worth of Michael Portillo following in the footsteps of George Bradshaw.
Buy Great British Railway Journeys Series 1 – 3 [DVD] at


Ultimate Spider-Man: Volume 3
Seven episodes of the animated series brought together under the banner of ‘Avenging Spider-Man.
Buy Ultimate Spider-Man – Volume 3 [DVD] at

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