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Netflix to the rescue for UK Breaking Bad fans

No Comments 06 August 2013

If you’re anything like us here at New TV Shows you’ve got a seat edge-shaped ridge in your backside 11 months in the making.

Yes, we’ve been waiting since September 2012 to find out what fate lies ahead for Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and the rest. AMC’s magnificent drama Breaking Bad returns for its final eight episodes next week. In the US, at least. Who knows when it will hit traditional TV this side of the Atlantic, if ever.

But don’t fear, UK-based fans: Netflix has your back. Each of the episodes in this final run will be available on Netflix the day after airing in the USA. So cancel your plans for this coming Monday evening because you’ve got a date with Hank Schrader: Meth Detective and a big bag of popcorn.


Breaking Bad back in July

No Comments 03 June 2012

We’re pretty excited here at New TV Shows and it’s not because of the Jubilee. There’s one simple reason: The Best TV Show Around Right Now™ will return to US screens on July 15.

The eight-episode run of AMC’s Breaking Bad will make up the first half of its fifth and final season, with the remaining eight episodes expected to air in the Summer of 2013.

The show, which charts the descent of main character Walter White from straight laced Chemistry teacher to moral-free drug lord following his lung cancer diagnosis, is remarkable for too many reasons to list here — but see the short video below for just a tiny example of what makes it so special.

Inventive camera work is one of the things that Breaking Bad carries off so successfully; which other show would strap a Canon 7D to the end of a shovel to pull off the following shot?



Pawnee plays host to West Wing fan convention

4 Comments 14 February 2012

As if the return of Louis CK as lovable cop Dave in this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation isn’t enough to get excited about, news of another forthcoming guest star has us staring impatiently at the all-too-static calendar like a spoilt kid in the run up to Christmas.

The West Wing might just be New TV Shows‘ favourite programme of all time (the Sorkin years, at least) so the prospect of Bradley Whitford turning up in Pawnee in an episode that features several nods to NBC’s political drama has us giddy with excitement. Whitford, who delighted as Josh Lyman in The West Wing, will show up as the outgoing city councilman that Leslie Knope is hoping to succeed.

The episode title, Live Ammo, is a West Wing reference in itself, playing on a line uttered to Ainsley Hayes by one Sam Seaborn — who was played by Parks and Rec‘s Rob Lowe. How very meta. The only downer is the fact that Whitford and Lowe reportedly don’t share a scene in the episode. While we understand that if done badly it could have been a duff note, the Parks writing staff have proved over the past few years that they know what they’re doing. We’re pretty sure they could have pulled it off.

Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to the day when Parks and Rec meets The West Wing and our head explodes. What a way to go.

Awake on NBC

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NBC sets Awake date

No Comments 04 February 2012

Grab your big red pen and open up your diary to March 1, for that’s the date that Kyle Killen’s double life drama Awake will premiere on NBC in the US. Our faith in Killen, whose credits include the excellent but shoddily-treated Lone Star, is so strong that if the show turns out to be a turkey we’ll run down the nearest high street naked shouting “It is your duty to mock us; we’ve misled literally tens of people”.

Awake sees Jason Isaacs play a police detective who, following a car accident involving his family, switches between two tragic realities every time he wakes up. In one his son survives and his wife dies, in the other vice versa. As well as having a different loved one to grieve in each, to try and work through the pain he also has different crimes to tackle with different partners — as well as different therapists to talk things over with. But despite being largely opposed both existences share some striking parallels which may be the key to cracking the mystery of what really happened.

Trust us, it’s going to be great. Although we reserve the right to renege on that naked high street thing if it turns out that his wife and kid are both alive and it’s him that’s been dead all along. Because that would be rubbish.



Breaking Bad RPG


Breaking Bad: the RPG

No Comments 02 February 2012

If you’ve never seen Breaking Bad then you’ve got two problems. Firstly, you’re missing out on the best TV show for years and years and years. Seriously. Sort it out.

Secondly, you won’t understand what’s going on in the superb video below that features an interpretation of the AMC drama as a 16-bit role playing game you might have found on the SNES or Mega Drive back in the day.

SPOILER ALERT: Even if you’re familiar with the show, don’t watch the video unless you’ve seen until the end of Season 4. You have been warned.

Kudos to those crazy kids at College Humor, who posted a similarly spoiler-filled RPG video based on the first season of Game of Thrones last year.

Which show would you like to see them tackle next? It might not be as topical but we’d love to see The Shield get the 16-bit treatment, so long as they include a Shenmue-style QTE section for when Dutch strangles that cat.

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