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Netflix to the rescue for UK Breaking Bad fans

No Comments 06 August 2013

If you’re anything like us here at New TV Shows you’ve got a seat edge-shaped ridge in your backside 11 months in the making.

Yes, we’ve been waiting since September 2012 to find out what fate lies ahead for Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and the rest. AMC’s magnificent drama Breaking Bad returns for its final eight episodes next week. In the US, at least. Who knows when it will hit traditional TV this side of the Atlantic, if ever.

But don’t fear, UK-based fans: Netflix has your back. Each of the episodes in this final run will be available on Netflix the day after airing in the USA. So cancel your plans for this coming Monday evening because you’ve got a date with Hank Schrader: Meth Detective and a big bag of popcorn.


Breaking Bad back in July

No Comments 03 June 2012

We’re pretty excited here at New TV Shows and it’s not because of the Jubilee. There’s one simple reason: The Best TV Show Around Right Now™ will return to US screens on July 15.

The eight-episode run of AMC’s Breaking Bad will make up the first half of its fifth and final season, with the remaining eight episodes expected to air in the Summer of 2013.

The show, which charts the descent of main character Walter White from straight laced Chemistry teacher to moral-free drug lord following his lung cancer diagnosis, is remarkable for too many reasons to list here — but see the short video below for just a tiny example of what makes it so special.

Inventive camera work is one of the things that Breaking Bad carries off so successfully; which other show would strap a Canon 7D to the end of a shovel to pull off the following shot?


Breaking Bad RPG


Breaking Bad: the RPG

No Comments 02 February 2012

If you’ve never seen Breaking Bad then you’ve got two problems. Firstly, you’re missing out on the best TV show for years and years and years. Seriously. Sort it out.

Secondly, you won’t understand what’s going on in the superb video below that features an interpretation of the AMC drama as a 16-bit role playing game you might have found on the SNES or Mega Drive back in the day.

SPOILER ALERT: Even if you’re familiar with the show, don’t watch the video unless you’ve seen until the end of Season 4. You have been warned.

Kudos to those crazy kids at College Humor, who posted a similarly spoiler-filled RPG video based on the first season of Game of Thrones last year.

Which show would you like to see them tackle next? It might not be as topical but we’d love to see The Shield get the 16-bit treatment, so long as they include a Shenmue-style QTE section for when Dutch strangles that cat.

Paulie Walnuts - spin-off shows we demand to see


Five spin-offs we demand to see

2 Comments 19 August 2011

Spin-off shows are a strange beast. Attempting to ride the wave of what once made an existing programme so popular while simultaneously striving to put their own spin on proceedings, the writing and production staff responsible have an incredibly tough juggling act to maintain.

And it shows. For every Frasier or The Colbert Report that strides triumphantly out from the shadow of its cherished big brother, there are countless others in the mould of Joey, Baywatch Nights or *shivers* Sesame Tree. Done right, the spin-off show can be spectaular — but it’s rare to come across an example that finds a truly original voice rather than simply going through the motions to cynically cash in on the name of an old favourite.

Whatever your view on the quality of the shows, the unstoppable juggernaut that is the CSI franchise shows that spin-offs are an entirely viable proposition if the demand is there, so we think it’s high time we saw some new TV shows featuring favourite characters from existing shows.

We wanted to make a ‘One and a Half Men’ gag here, featuring Bronn and ‘The Imp’ Tyrion Lannister from HBO’s Game of Thrones — but it turns out somebody’s only gone and done it already, in a much, much more inventive way than we would have done:



So, with our best idea down the toilet, we’ll have to make do with a bunch of ideas cobbled together loosely around some horrible pun-based titles. Like these:


Dutch Courage

The Shield’s Holland ‘Dutch’ Wagenbach is shot in the line of duty when protecting an informant from his former Los Mags associates. Forced to take early retirment, Dutch Boy is awarded some kind of bravery medal or something so as to justify the show’s title. Finding life without a badge hard to come to terms with, Wagenbach sets up as a private investigator and for convoluted reasons is forced to take on Steve Billings — he of the patented ‘Billings Bare Minimum’ work ethic — as his partner. Odd Couple-style hilarity inevitably ensues. Think Midnight Run but with more cat strangulation.


Walnuts In May

Former Soprano family captain Paulie Walnuts (real name Peter Paul Gualtieri) is diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure, which his doctor advises is likely linked to the stresses of mob life. The prescription? A relaxing summer of care-free living in the form of an extended camping holiday away from the  cut and thrust of organised crime. But when a series of ruffians pitch up next to his tent and proceed to transform the peaceful retreat into a rowdy party zone, it’s only a matter of time before Paulie reaches for the concrete boots.


Beaten To The Bunch

Animated farce following the adventures of Mr Bananagrabber, the lisping cartoon mascot dreamed up by Arrested Development’s G.O.B. Bluth to promote the family’s frozen banana stand. With his best banana-grabbing days way behind him, Mr B finds himself  frequently outwitted by a younger, fitter fruit pilferer by the name of Phillip J. Yellowskin — but he’s got a plan to take him down once and for all. Okay, so it’s not particularly high concept but that’s a pretty good title, no? COME ON!


Saul In A Day’s Work

Filmed in a mockumentary style, this light-hearted drama follows Breaking Bad’s morally bankrupt attorney Saul Goodman and the cases he takes on when he’s not saving Walter White’s skin. The pilot episode features cameos from Badger and Skinny Pete, as well as that massive security guard from the opening episode of Season 4. You know, the one that’s built like a wall (an incredibly overweight wall, granted) and breathes louder than any regular person speaks. Essentially, anything with Bob Odenkirk in it is automatically better than 95% of the guff pumped through our TV screens so this is an automatic winner.


Banned Meeting

With Bret and Jemaine deported and the Crazy Dogggz outed as song stealers, Flight of the Conchords’ former manager Murray Hewitt sets out to find his next hit act. But when his strict new supervisor puts a stop to the auditions being held in Murray’s office at the New Zealand consulate, old Ginger Balls decides it’s time to leave the comfort of his desk job and set up his dream business: Murray’s Interesting Building Tours. You know, band rotundas — that kind of thing.

Breaking Bad stays with AMC


AMC ties up Breaking Bad deal

No Comments 15 August 2011

Breathe easy, drama fans. Following an uncertain couple of weeks, the destiny of the best show currently on TV has been secured, with AMC renewing Breaking Bad for a final order of 16 episodes.

Tense negotiations over the future of the show over the past few weeks had seen producer Sony Pictures TV publically moot the possibility of the moving Breaking Bad away from AMC and agreeing a deal with a rival network. An agreement has now been reached, however, with both sides deciding that the story of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman would indeed conclude on AMC where it all started.

Breaking Bad’s creator and executive producer Vince Gilligan says that knowing exactly how many episodes his team has to bring the show to a natural conclusion will be a huge advantage: “It’s a funny irony — I’d hate to know the date of my own last day on earth, but I’m delighted to know what Walter White’s will be (episodically speaking). This is a great gift to me and to my wonderful writers. It’s knowledge which will allow us to properly build our story to a satisfying conclusion. Now, if we don’t manage to pull that off, we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.”

Now all that remains is to tie Gilligan himself down; his contract only currently sees him committed to the show until the end of Season Four. It would be hard to imagine Gilligan walking away from a show that has always been very much his baby but let’s hope things get sorted out sooner rather than later all the same.

All 16 remaining episodes will be filmed together but it’s not yet clear if that means the show will bow out with an extended final season (none of the previous seasons have had more than 13 episodes) or if we’ll get two smaller chunks spread across a longer time period. Scheduling details are yet to emerge; we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear.

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