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Pilot Season: Against the Wall

No Comments 06 August 2011

Abby Kowalski loves her job almost as much as she loves her family. She’s a cop who’s just made detective and taken the only open slot available to her — within the Internal Affairs Department. But get this, right: she’s got three brothers who are also cops. And a dad. Guess what? He’s a cop too. They’re all cops! And she’s taken a job in Internal Affairs! Cripes, that’s bound to cause some family friction, right?

Well, yes. That’s the whole premise of Lifetime’s new police procedural Against The Wall. But considering the pilot episode sees two of the aforementioned brothers share around 30 seconds of screen time and the third sway wildly between ‘the supportive one’ and ‘the one who’s just as disgusted as dad — and dad’s really pissed!’ then you’re left wondering why exactly you’re supposed to care.

Not only that, but the character of Abby is so full of contridictions that it’s hard to get a hold of what the writers are going for. She’s straight laced but kooky. Reserved but outgoing. Romantically challenged but not averse to a one-night-stand. Outwardly nervous about her new role and yet strong and bolshy in the interview room. She likes baking cakes and watching the Chicago Bears. You just can’t put a label on sassy old Abby!

And then there’s the horrible sub-Sorkin slapstick — she’s level-headed yet ditzy! — involving everybody’s stock favourite: absent-mindedly knocking over the mountain of cans at the supermarket. Oh, and each epiosde from here on in seems to be named after a song title. Ugh.

Hang on a minute. She’s working for IAD and four members of her immediate family are no-nonsense, salt of the earth cops? You don’t suppose one of them might end up in a spot of… no, that would be too predictable. Wouldn’t it? Oh.

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